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Welcome to needle felting!
To start you will only need: a special felting needle with barbs, some wool and a surface to stab into. 

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1. Felting Needles:

36 triangular or 38 star are good to start with. Start with a pack of 5 or 10 as it is quite easy to break the needles when you are starting out.
36 triangular needles pack of 5
38 star pack of 5
Or 40 triangular VALUE pack of 10 
Later you can invest in a pack of mixed needles and look at specialist needles.

A Needle holder and multi needle tool are nice to use but in my opinion, you don’t need them right away. 
Finger protectors are a good idea too as the needles are extremely sharp.

2. Wool 

Carded wool is easy to needle felt with
Rainbow wool set
A wool stack of your own 5 colours 

3. Felting  surface

Foam mat  is a good option. Please an old piece of cloth on the top to protect. 

Our cotton bag  for filling with rice is another option or use any cushion you have.

If you want to use core wool, try 100 g of  Baavet wool  or use your carded wool.

You may choose to start with a felting kit. Find them here. 

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