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Felting Needle Structuring Needle Star Gauge 38 or 36

Felting Needle Structuring Needle Star Gauge 38 or 36

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The star shape needle catches more fibres that a triangle one so the work goes quicker! 38 gauge needle is finer than 38. You start your work with coarser needle (lower gauge number) and progress to finer needles as your gets firmer (the higher gauge number).

36 gauge star is a coarse needle for beginning the project and coarser wool. You can use it throughout the project, however the punch holes will be visible.

38 gauge star is a medium needle and can be used throughout the project. This must be my favourite needle.

IMPORTANT: Please stab straight in and out, do not bend. The needles are very strong and brittle.

Needles are sent out without plastic tubes when possible. We are working to reduce plastic waste and minimise our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

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