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Felting Needle Structuring Needles Mix 5 or 10

Felting Needle Structuring Needles Mix 5 or 10

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Mixed Pack for all fibres (10 needles):

  • 2 Needles - gauge 32, triangular, 
  • 2 Needles - gauge 36, triangular
  • 2 Needles - gauge 38, star
  • 2 Needles - gauge 42, triangular, twist
  • 2 needles - gauge 40, triangular

Mixed Pack for all fibres (5 needles):

  • 1 Needles - gauge 32, triangular, 
  • 1 Needles - gauge 36, triangular
  • 1 Needles - gauge 38, star
  • 1 Needles - gauge 42, triangular, twist
  • 1 needles - gauge 40, triangular
All felting needles are very sharp and must be used with extra care. Needles are very strong but brittle and will snap if bent.

Insert straight into your work straight in and out without bending.

The higher the gauge number, the finer the needle so a 42 gauge needle is finer than a 32 gauge.

Generally, we start a project with a lower gauge needle and increase the gauge as the project progresses.

Different needles come with varying numbers of barbs. The more barbs, the quicker the felting but less barbs will give you more accuracy with fine detail work.

A 32 gauge needle is for coarse wool and for beginning a project.

A 36 gauge needle is most suitable for coarser wool and for beginning a project.

A 38 gauge needle is for finer fabrics, with care can be used throughout the project.

The star shape needle catches more fibre so the work goes quicker !
40 gauge is used for finer wool and for finishing off the project.

42 gauge needle is eve finer and is used for the tiny details. 

IMPORTANT: Please stab straight in and out, do not bend. The needles are very strong and brittle

Needles are sent out without plastic tubes when possible. We are working to reduce plastic waste and minimise our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

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