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The Felt Box

The Ultimate Needle Felting Starter Kit Wool Tools Mat Needles Value over £180

The Ultimate Needle Felting Starter Kit Wool Tools Mat Needles Value over £180

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This is an ultimate Needle Felting Kit. To buy separately will cost you £180!

Needle Felting Project Pip The Penguin by Sarah Brown from the Original Needle Felting UK,
Needle Felting Project Bright Bauble.


High Density Foam Mat for Needle Felting,

Small Needle Felting Rice Bag for Filling - 100% Cotton, plastic free, eco alternative to foam mat,

Felting Needle Holder for One Needle,

Multi Needle Tool for Needle Felting Pen with 3 Needles,

Finger protection for Needle Felting,

Felting Needle, Triangular, Gauge 32,

Felting Needle, Triangular, Gauge 36 x3,

Felting Needle, Triangular, Gauge 40,

Felting Needle, Star, Gauge 38 x2,

Felting Needle, Twisted STAR Gauge 38,

Felting Needle, Reverse, Gauge 40,

Felting Needle, Twisted, Gauge 42,

Felting Needle, Crown, Gauge 40,

Felting Needle, Pack of 5 random needles to break,

Small Awl tool.


Core Wool for Needle Felting (Baavet), 100g,

Carded NZ Wool for Felting, Pastel Rainbow pack, 7 x 20g,

Carded Maori Wool for Felting, Mud Rainbow pack, 7 x 20g,

Carded sliver, Peachy Beige, 50g,

Carded sliver, Orange Fox, 50g,

Carded MAORI Wool Milk (DHG), 100g.

Merino Wool Top,Etoile (DHG), 50g,

Viscose Fibre, Shiny Roving White (DHG ) 50g,

Wool Locks, Fleece Wensleydale Brown,

Wool Locks Fleece Wensleydale Cream.

A piece of prefelt for 2 D felting,


Armature Wire Strong Aluminium Craft Wire. 1.5 mm (Purple / 3m),

Armature Wire Paper Covered Florist Wire. (Orange/ 7m),

Armature Wire Cotton Covered Copper Craft Wire 1mm (10m),

Solid Beeswax Block for Needle Felting Armature and Detail Work,

Metal Legs For Needle Felting, Black H 45 mm W 25mm, 2 pairs,

Birds Beak, Orange Plastic For Needle Felted Birds x2,

Yellow Plastic Legs For Needle Felted Birds x2,

Metal Legs For Needle Felting, Small White, H 45 mm W 20mm, 2 Pairs,

Metal Legs For Needle Felting, Large White, H 50 mm W 30mm, 2 Pairs,

Eyes and Noses for Needle Felted Animals, Set of 20,

Silk Clay Modelling Medium for Noses, Beaks, Claws etc. For use in Needle Felting Sculptures,

Small glasses x2,

Tiny glasses x2,

Miniature crowns, gold and silver,

Small beads,

Pipe cleaners,

Cookie cutters x 5,

Posing props:

Set of Tiny Wooden toys

Wood slice

Wooden Miniature Chair

Items you might consider buying in addition to the Ultimate kit:

Tacky glue,

Wire cutters,

Pliers jewellery,


Blending brushes, dog grooming brushes will be fine.

We also offer a minimalist starter kit 

Please note, although we take great care to make sure our photographs illustrate the colour of each wool shade, your screen/monitor settings may affect how it appears to you.

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