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Needle Felting Starter Kit Small The Felt Box ® 5 Colours Carded Wool Needles Mat

Needle Felting Starter Kit Small The Felt Box ® 5 Colours Carded Wool Needles Mat

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You will get everything you need to get started.

  • 100g/3.5oz of quality carded wool in 5 colours
  • High-quality felting needles: 2 x 40 gauge and 3 x 36 triangular needles
  • High-density foam mat
  • Basic instructions to get you started

I have found this type of wool most suitable for needle felting due to the fibre diameter and the springy texture. Easy to work into 3D shapes. This wool is also great for wet felting process, giving you more control over the final result and a strong and evenly finished product.

About the wool

Carded NZ needle felting wool. This is coarser wool with shorter fibres that are already mixed together. Wool thickness is approximately 27 microns. From our experience this is the best wool for needle felting. Great, bulky carded wool well suited to 2 and 3D needle felting projects. This carded NZ wool can also be used for wet felting and spinning. 

About the mat

Full size felting matt 20x20x5 cm | 8 x 8 x 5 inches. High density foam pad for needle felting. This felting mat will give you a good felting surface. It is big enough to comfortably work on 2 and 3 D projects. Remember to lift your work from the pad often. You can cover your foam with scrap fabric to avoid fibers of the wool transferring on to your work when you swap colours.

About the needles

36 gauge, triangular needles are used for coarser wool and to start a project.

40 gauge triangular needle, used for fine wool and for finishing touches.

Always poke straight in and out without bending. 

How to use 

Begin by roughly shaping wool as required. The more you compress your wool the less time it will take to needle felt. Place your wool onto the mat. Using the coarse needle, repeatedly insert it into the wool, shaping as you go. Keep peeling your work off the foam as you go so it doesn’t get stuck. When it becomes difficult to insert the needle, swap for a finer one and continue until your work is a firm shape. 

About us

The Felt Box has been selling great quality needle felting supplies at competitive prices with excellent customer service since 2010. As a small business, with an excellent reputation, we are lucky enough to build strong and lasting relationships with our customers. We offer a diverse range of needle felting products sourced in an ethical and sustainable way.

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