Carded NZ Wool Colourchart and Sizes

Carded NZ wool from Thefeltbox is one of the best wools for needle felting out there.

  • Use  as core wool and as finishing wool.
  • Comes as carded wool batting where fibres are already mixed, making it quicker to felt.
  • This wool has a short staple length making it a great, bulky carded wool well suited for 3D needle felting projects.
  • This wool is a blend of sheep wools from New Zealand.
  • Thickness is approx. 27 microns and it comes in a brilliant range of colours.
  • Very easy to use and needle felts very well
  • 100% pure wool, staple length 6.5-9.0 cm, 25-31 microns. The wool may contain some grass bits which is normal for a natural product.


It is a good choice for the beginner and the expert alike.





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