Needles, Wool, Mistakes, Advise and the One Tip - FeltedPaws by Tatiana

1. What are your favourite needles to use?

I use mainly a 36 spiral, 38 star, a 36 star, a 40 spiral and a reverse needle.

I can never seem to remember...I just go by ‘feel'!

2. What is your favourite type of wool to work with?

Because I need to create a great range of textures with my animals I don't have  a favourite wool - for me variety is key.  I spend many hours online hunting out and purchasing as many different fibres as I can then then there's lot of trial and error to see how they work.

3. What is the worst piece of  advice you keep hearing for needle felters?

I have never heard any consistently bad advice actually, hardly any at all  - most other fibre artists are quite helpful.

4. What common mistakes do people make when they start out?

Most common mistake I would say is not building up a firm enough shape with core wool prior to attaching outer coats.  People tend to stop too soon and the item remains too soft to work with.

5. What is the one thing a beginner could learn today that would  make a difference to their work?

Spend some time online observing others work but don't feel a slave to other people's style.  Go slowly and make sure your core wool shape is REALLY firm before attaching any other fibres.