Needles, Wool, Mistakes, Advice and the One Tip - Wendy from Tree Wood Studio

1. How did you discover needle felting, what inspired you to have a go and what was the first thing you made? 

I first discovered needle felting while looking for a wool online and came across felting wool.  I had no idea what it was used for, so I started to look into the craft of needle felting.  I was inspired to have a go when I came across a little felted dog on a website.  I thought it was amazing but had no idea how it was made but eagerly wanted to have a go.  The first thing I made was a white rabbit sitting on a log, I was really happy with him but sadly I sold him.  Looking back now I wish that I kept that little rabbit as he set me on the road I am now on.

2. Do you have a favourite needle felting artists whose work you follow? 

I don’t really follow any particular artist as such, however I do admire some of the work of other felt artists.  There are some extremely talented people out there not just in the UK but around the world.

3. Which projects do you find the trickiest and what has been the hardest thing to learn?

The projects I find the trickiest is making sure the wool looks like real fur and blending it to look natural.

The hardest thing to learn is understanding the skeleton of the animals that I make.  You need to know the anatomy of the animal and form the armature correctly if you want it to look real.

4. What are your favourite needles to use?

Favourite needles ? I mainly just like to use two, a 38 and 40 twisted.  I have never found I need to use lots of different needles as I get a really good finish with just using a 38 and occasionally a 40 gauge.

5. What is your favourite type of wool to work with?

My Favourite wool is Merino.  I started out using this wool and have not found any wool I like better.  I do occasionally use other types of wool but Merino will always be my wool of choice.

6. What is the worst piece of  advice you keep hearing for needle felters?

The worst piece of advice is when I hear people say not to use Merino wool.

7. What common mistakes do people make when they start out?

Carded Merino is very easy to use, people get put off buying Merino because they make the mistake of buying Merino Tops which is only good if you are making animals with long fur.

8. What is the one thing a beginner could learn today that would  make a difference to their work?

The one thing a beginner could hear that would make a difference to their work is to learn how to use the needles and different wools.  Take time to practice and don’t get disheartened if it is not just right first time.  Remember all the great needle felters have worked long and hard at perfecting their skill, it does not happen overnight !  But the most important thing is to enjoy your hobby, because crafting is all about enjoyment.

About the artist:

She doesn't have a website, however, she recently created a Facebook Page that shows some of her work.

This can be found under Tree Wood Studio or @wendy.randle.felt

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