Needles, Wool, Mistakes, Advice and the One Tip - Sam Sinclair - Sams Softies

1. What are your favourite needles to use?

My favourite needle would be the 38 twisted. Perfect all rounder and a great needle for finishing off.

2. What is your favourite type of wool to work with?

My favourable wool is New Zealand carded. It's so easy and fast to felt. And can be used for both wet and dry felting.

3. What is the worst piece of  advice you keep hearing for needle felters?

The worst advice for beginners is merino wool tops. Not only is it hard to felt, it's more expensive than traditional carded. (I certainly wish I'd had that advice when I started out)

4. What common mistakes do people make when they start out?

The common mistakes are expecting excellence immediately and getting disheartened in the craft. Practise makes perfect. Some of my early pieces are totally cringeworthy. But take photos anyway, helps you to see where you're improving.

5. What is the one thing a beginner could learn today that would  make a difference to their work?

Best advice would be to sketch out your idea first. Break the object into shapes and assemble, practise makes perfect and most of all. Have fun. Needle felting is so therapeutic, just go where the fibres take you.


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