Cindy-Lou-Thompson from Chicktin Creations about Needle Felting

1. What are your favourite needles to use?

I love Wiz Pick needles due to their range of 16 different needles, many not to be found elsewhere. I also like Felt Alive needles with their rubber coated colour coded handles of single, double and quad needles. I actually find the needle colour coding very confusing with different companies using different colours for the same needle! The only way to know what is what is to buy them and try them out.

2. What is your favourite type of wool to work with?

I use loads of core wool some natural and some dyed as all my dogs are started with core wool. For the coats I use mostly Merino dyed and hand blend myself. I like Merino because it comes in so many colours and is easily blended.

3. What is the worst piece of  advice you keep hearing for needle felters?

Others telling them to start needle felting with tops or roving, which doesn’t felt well at all, it being so fine and straight. All newbies should start needle felting with core wool, getting used to creating different shapes and flat or curved surfaces. Some people also advise others not to do things because they can’t!

4. What common mistakes do people make when they start out?

They don’t learn how to use a needle effectively often not using the right needle and not felting deeply and slowly enough, furiously stabbing doing not very much at all. Others can be very rough putting pressure at the wrong angle for the delicate needles. Needle felting should be a relaxing art and shouldn’t cause pain or tiredness.

5. What is the one thing a beginner could learn today that would  make a difference to their work?

Take your time and don’t expect to be able to make something others have taken five years to perfect. Try different needles and experiment. Don’t be afraid to try and it be a disaster. You can learn a lot from a disaster. If you are not sure about how your work is looking, view it in a mirror as this often highlights any glaring mistakes. Most of all, enjoy your needle felting journey and keep your eyes on the needle!